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woof & barc.

As a dog owner it is essential to keeping things simple. A lot of effort often goes into satisfying our dogs and we as ‘owners’ get overlooked.

At woof & barc this isn’t the case. We thrive to see both owners and their dogs to be equal and have a wonderful experience together. We design our products with this thought in mind.

Being functional.

A product has many requirements. Being functional is one of the most important ones. We design our products around the idea of being functional. A good looking product is great, a functional product is better!

At woof & barc we like to combine both looks and functionality to create a powerhouse of products that we proudly represent.

Simple yet modish.

We’re all about simplicity, owning a dog is a task on itself. We design products that make everything else less of a burden.

Even though owning a dog might not always be easy, you should look good during it. At woof & barc, simplicity goes hand in hand with being fashionable.